Connecting LIFX bulb to WPA-Enterprise

Hello everyone,

I have been using LIFX bulb with python API, it works perfectly, but i was using it in my house, since I moved to my university, the internet is not WAP anymore, it is WPA-Enterprise, and the Lifx bulb can’t be connected to such network security.

I just don’t know how to use internet while controlling it, it is either connect to Lifx bulb wifi, or connect it to my uni wifi.

Can anyone please help me in my issue :persevere: ?

Thank you.

Unfortunately the bulbs don’t support WPA-Enterprise, and there are currently no plans to support it in the future.

Some others have suggested using a Wifi bridging router to connect to the WPA-Enterprise in your Uni, and then connect the bulbs/phone/laptop to that. This gives the extra advantage that other users on your Uni network wont be able to control your lights. However I don’t have any specific instructions for this setup.