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Connecting Lifx bulbs in app without Homekit

3 various Lifx bulbs approx 4 years old & have worked perfectly in that time. New router arrived, no problem resetting the bulbs by 5 turns on/off then selecting in Wi-fi setup on mobile ios to connect to wifi.
In Lifx app click Plus sign at bottom to add new device, select New Device then New Light, on 1st Set-up Screen click green right-arrow for Next, on Select a Device i see the bulbs, i select one then green right arrow for next, then next screen is where i am stuck, there seems to be only one possible selection which is New Home and the green next arrow is greyed out. I do not have and do not want Homekit. I have read other articles saying need to wait 15 minutes - this does not work, had all bulbs on for an hour and closed / opened app & tried everything i could think of but this screen i get to is always the same with only the one selection.
App version is 4.10.2 on Ios
Very disappointing especially if only answer is as it seems to throw the bulbs away and replace with something that can work without Homekit
Does anybody have any ldeas? Thank you

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This is the worst “smart” device I have ever bought. I own around 25 smart lights, from Philips Hue, Govee, generic lights working with Smartlife etc

It is impossible to pair the bulb. Even I accepted to go through the HomeKit imposition but failed. The QR is not recognized (too small, not good definition) so I tried to manually enter the code. But the code is not in the box, it will be sent to you by mail clicking on the bulb icon. But I cannot click on the bulb icon as it has not need added as a device!

It is os frustrating. One hour trying to set up this this thing. As it came with an Echo dot promo pack, I will return the LIFX light and keep the Echo

What a nightmare

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How were you able to know exactly how old or what version the lights you have are? I bought some BR30 lights online (eBay) and I’m having the exact same issue you are having. I waited well over 15 minutes and could not get them to connect except with Homekit option. I don’t care about Homekit, I just want the light to change color!!

I actually found out my bulbs were 3rd Gen BR30, so technically they did have the Homekit chip in them, but was not available at launch. I can get a “recovery code” But only after the bulb is recognized and added to the LIFX app, which I have yet to be able to do even after waiting for the 15 minutes and trying over and over.

2 of my bulbs do not have the Homekit number on, and yes, as far as I can find they need to be connected in the Lifx app to get the recovery code, but you cannot connect them in the app without the code! I wonder who thought that one up!? So i have found no way to use these older bulbs (they were working fine until my router died - got new router and now cannot connect to use the bulbs)
My 3rd bulb was bought a bit later and does have the HK code printed on the bulb; It connects fine to wi-fi (only when put iphone in Airplane mode) but then I have tried many many times to connect to the Lifx app without success, always get message that Pairing did not complete properly
So still have 3 Lifx bulbs that have used for 3 or 4 years and now with new router cannot be used unless as a ‘normal’ light bulb in bright white
Would not recommend Lifx to anybody

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Thanks Barrie for the response! I’m going to try and reach out to Lifx and see if they can help me at all. If I find a solution, I will make sure to post it here so you can see it!