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Connection instability

Any resolution to the Lifx dropping their connection?



If you submit a ticket, the support team should be able to assist

I’ve been wait for years on a resolution.

For most situations, the problem becomes a good router and sometimes settings with your current router. Others may have good recommendations for good routers (I certainly know @Djelibeybi has a good idea of getting devices to work).

The support team will be able to help you figure out if your current network can be adjusted to make the devices more stable if you haven’t already made any tickets.

Yeah, I am going to have to give a hard pass and say your tickets are no good.

It’s been years now and it is never the same bulb, and they either loose connection or just “forget” they are on a schedule and stay on or off or wrong brightness.

The solution is called a “watchdog” and the developers at LIFX need to learn what that is. I am sure they already think they have this licked but they don’t. No bulb should sit there with power for 24 hours and think it’s completely normal to lose connection and not do a self-reset to try and recover.

Oh I agree one hundred percent.

This keep telling me it a ASUS problem on my router running the dhcp server.

So, in the mean time if set the lease time on a static I Set it to maximum, and at least it should stay online for a month.

Ver frustrating.

I have gotten completely fed up. I have random flicks dim then bright at random times, I have loss of sync with the daydusk cycle, I have random drop outs for hours.

I have reset all the bulbs. I have 4 connected now in two separate groups, in the same room as a single AP, 20MHz 2.4GHz, static channel 6, not a single wifi optimisation feature enabled. There are no excuses now.

If I see more of the same crap in the next 24 hours, I am switching to Phillips; screw LIFX.

Have you change the channel from 6, everybody is on 6, use 11 or 2, something different.

My router tell me the signal strength of signal the lifx bub is getting.

I am using channel 6 because it is the least congested in my area.

Wow, how did you check?

Darrin J. Calcutt

August 10

I am using channel 6 because it is the least congested in my area.

Wifi scan with promiscuous capable adapter. Everything at channel 6 is below -80dB where I am.

Nothing free?

I use a windows app shows all the SSID s in the area.

Darrin J. Calcutt

August 11

Wifi scan with promiscuous capable adapter. Everything at channel 6 is below -80dB where I am.

Does your router have the capibilities to see the signal strength?

What about changing the antennas? Where are each of the items located? Any mirrors?

I have reached the conclusion for LIFX to perform at all within reasonable expectations you need:

  1. A high-end AP so you get good antenna’s etc.
  2. The AP needs every high-end feature turned off.
  3. The AP should only ever have LIFX bulbs on it.

So beyond just the expense of the bulbs, you need a dedicated expensive router/AP just for the bulbs as well.

Even then, the bulbs like to randomly “forget” they are on a schedule and need to be power cycled.

It’s sunk cost now… but LIFX is never getting another single $ from me ever again.

I don’t know where you are getting your conclusion from, but all an access point only provides the wifi signal.

It’s the router and dhcp server that province the connection and authentication to the network.

So your hypotheses is false.

FYI, I have four acess points in my house and one gatwsay/router with a dhcp server.

My conclusion is well deduced.

I have tried multiple AP’s, either as bridges or as routers.

I have configured every AP and router feature as LIFX have suggested in their guides.

The conclusion is the best performance is when you take a good AP, and pretty much run it as a 802.11b/g mediocre AP from 10 years ago.

I’m happy for you if you’re so sure you’ve got this figured out as being a fault in the every router or AP I have tried so far.

For now, the special AP I have setup for the LIFX bulbs only is named an appropriately disparaging name involving LIFX.

Excuse me now while I go and switch another set of lights off and then on because 1 of the 4 in the set has decided it needs to be stuck at full brightness despite the day/dusk schedule it is on (and despite being second closest to the AP with great signal).

Sound like you know it all, so I’ll not help you at all.

Have a great day.

I’m not to offer any solution, but in my home, 20 Lifx bulbs stability issues all had gone away when I moved to SmartThings Wifi. I have 2 hub/mesh setup. As long as 1 of the hubs stay away from ch13 then i don’t get dropouts.

I found that bulbs that I have purchased directly from the US do not support ch13 ( known knowns by now), and bulbs that i purchased locally do.

Most of the time my ST Wifi stay on ch 6 and sometimes one of them switch over to ch13. When both switch over to ch13 then I lose some bulbs.

Could this be a DHCP issue? What would they do if they didn’t renew their IP address lease through DHCP before it expired?

Similarly, I have 104 wifi devices (including 54 LIFX bulbs) connected to two Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-Pro APs and it’s pretty rock solid now. Very rarely will I have a device fall off the network longer than 2-5 seconds.