Connection issue solved (try this!)

I’d been experiencing the connectivity drop issue for a few weeks and tried the official setup steps with no success.
After reading around on the forums I found a comment about other WiFi devices on the same connection causing the disconnect/brick issue.

What I did was to name my 2,4 ghz WiFi to Lifx and connect the bulbs only to it whilst connecting every other wifi device to the 5 ghz (with another ssid) and checking the box “AP Isolation”.
This seems to be a permanent fix (no disconnects so far!)

I recently bought two Gen3 LIFX A19 bulbs and things were rosy. I then bought more bulbs, then the bulbs started to lose connection daily. These additional bulbs were 15m from the other two bulbs which are close to the wireless access point. I decided to get out my old Apple AirPort Extreme and connect all the bulbs to that and for 72 hours its been rosy again.

I have since been in the market for a new mesh WiFi or upgrade to multiple Airport Extremes so there is less congestion.

LIFX suggested i go with EERO, and I have been pretty happy since. If you are looking for a Mesh wifi network that works, then I am a good case study for LIFX.

Thanks for the tip, I agree that EERO would be a good choice but its not available in Australia yet. I’ve been looking at Google and Linksys but each have their problems especially with ethernet backhaul, so a mix of 4 old and new Apple Airports all with wired ethernet is my current setup with no LIFX issues to date.

I have one big problem that you don’t seem to have…How do you “force” the Lifx bulbs to connect at 2.4GHZ when all Eero wants to send out to them is a 5GHz signal. Lifx bulbs will ONLY connect at 2.4GHz so stubbornly refuse to be added to my Apple HOME app because they can’t see the 5GHZ Eero network. If I switch my network back to the old router, and lock it on 2.4GHz, I can add them no problem but as soon as I switch back to the Eero network…“no response” from the just added bulbs. What am I missing here, it seems you, and numerous others connect Lifx to Eero all the time…