Connection Issues - general moan

Not expecting support (have a ticket open already) but just a general moan about connection issues. I have dipped my toes in with one bulb and I reckon have only had around 2 weeks of solid good use out of around 5 weeks. First bulb struggled to connect to start with and when it did it was constantly dropping connection. As per support suggestion I made router setting changes, I also moved the bulb closer to the router and reset and relocated the router, but no change. Exchanged the bulb and the replacement connected straight away and worked fine for around 2 weeks. Unfortunately last night it dropped connection and it took me around an hour to get it back online, it then dropped again which I managed to sort but then dropped again and I could’t get it working again, so gave up. I really wanted this to work as I like the bulb and what can be done with it but can’t be dealing with constant issues, which is a shame.

Rant over :slight_smile:

Did you try using reserved IP address in DHCP ? Worked for me.

You might be onto something there. I reconnected the bulb this morning and reserved an IP address for it and it has been connected OK since. Fingers crossed as I really like the lifx bulbs and do not want to have to give up on them. Now, if only they or someone would bring out a decent switch for them - not one that requires a device to be in the house (flic), or one that costs over £100 (Logitech Pop) :slight_smile:


Gah! My hopes have been snatched away, bulb has disconnected 3 times in the last couple of hours :thumbsdown: Might be forced down the Hue road at this rate to see if there is better reliability :worried: