Connection keeps dropping

I wanted to switch to LIFX however after setting it all up and configuring through my Iphone the connections keep dropping on the bulbs. When i open the app, only 2 are visible, then they keep popping up over time, however still missing some.

The lightbulbs are all quite close to the router, so what could be the issue, as this way its practically unusable.

I updated the router settings according to Lifx specs, i updated the firmware, the only thing that is consistangly working is the Lifx Mini Bulb, the rest just keeps dropping out no matter what

Thank you.

They sounds frustrating! I can only tell you that this isn’t my experience here, with over 20 bulbs.

WiFi connectivity is a tricky beast. It might be helpful if you could give us some more information.

What kind of router do you have?

Are you in an area with a lot of competing wireless networks nearby?

Roughly how many devices are connecting to your wireless network at any time?