Connectivity issues

Like others here I had a horrible time keeping my bulbs on my wifi which was killing my automated scripts. I had ASUS and other routers and none really did a good job. I switch everything to Google WiFi and have 0 issues. Seriously. I have been dealing with this for a very long time now and am so happy that things just work. Onboarding is really fast and always works. I dont see any drop offs as well. I really am happy this worked for me. Hopefully you guys will see the same. Now there is a double NAT issue with googe wifi. That is a diff story on how to work around it but for the purpose of these bulbs. Its all go!

Glad to hear that the Google mesh offering is working so well. I’ve considered getting a few of them, but haven’t done enough investigation. Do set your LifX to static IP’s? Running on one LAN or VLAN?