Control a bulb on another continent without having the phone able to set it up

So my girlfriend will be traveling to Europe for the next year. Being the geeky guy I am I bought two color 1000 lifx bulbs with the intent that she would have one and I’d have the other. This way she could light up my bulb when she’s thinking of me and vise versa. It was only after I got this and began working with the bulbs did I realize this may not be possible.

During setup the phone that controls the bulb must be on the same network as the bulb.

I’ve tried thinking of several solutions to this and none of them seem great and only one of them seems plausible:

  1. Doing the setup while she is still here. I could (theoretically) set up the bulb using whatever her password and router name would be. Then when she sets up her network in Europe it “should” connect automatically to that network. A million problems with that issue. If any character is different than the initial set it won’t work. Not to mention I’m not sure what network issues I could run into there.

Now I really don’t want to use this method and I’m hoping I can get better suggestions as to what I can do. I have about a month to come up with whatever method I’m going to be using if it requires work to be done before she’s left.

Any kind of help would be really appreciated. Otherwise it’s gonna be a long year, and I’ll be getting an ear full if this can’t be done. Thanks!!!

Just set up a lifx cloud account, let her init the bulb at her place, you do the same in yours and share the account on both phones. You’ll both be able to control both bulbs - unless that’s not what you’re after

In the past we have sometimes configured a local Wifi AP to use the same SSID/password, connected and setup the bulb on that, and then mailed the bulb to someone. So this works, you just have to know the network detail before hand.

The other option is the one @dark_skeleton mentioned. Install the LIFX app onto both phones, and log into the same cloud account on both. Then when bulbs get connected to the app, no matter where they are they will show up in both applications.

Is that what you want?

As long as it’ll let me have my account logged into two places at once that’ll be fine. I will be testing this tonight and hopefully it’ll work. I’m a bit surprised there is. No way to “share” bulbs between accounts.

Yes, you can log into the same account on as many different devices as you need. Devices claimed to an account should be available on all devices signed into that account.