Control lights on LAN

I have several lights on a LAN I want to control. There is no internet connection. How do I make this work?

It depends what you mean by ‘control’.

From the phone app, you can control lights on the same LAN.

If you want to control them programmatically, there are a few libraries around for various platforms. I used lifxlan (python) and found it straightforward enough.

In fact, I used it to throw together a local http server which I can then send requests to from elsewhere - in my case over the LAN from an arduino.

How do you get the lights to connect to wifi?

You should be able to install the LIFX app on a phone or tablet and use the app to set up the WiFi connection between the lights and your router. The app will try to connect the bulbs to the cloud during setup, which will fail without internet, but the lights should still be connected to the router and you’ll be able to control them from the app when you’re on the same network.

The app will not run unless the phone is connected to the internet!?

The app does not need the internet to run. The phone will need a cellular or WiFi connection to the internet to download the app, but after that the phone will not need internet to run the app. Connecting the lights to your WiFi using the app also does not need the internet. The only thing that requires the internet is connecting the lights to the cloud to allow remote control of the lights, which is optional. You can run the app and set up your bulbs without internet.

Have you tried setting up your bulbs using the app? What happens?