Control4 Integration

I have this request all the time for a color changing bulb/strips that work with Control4. I have your product and love it. I would love to also sell it to my clients that I have Control4 as they’re automation system. I have not been able to find a driver. I saw that there was one at one point back in 2016 I believe. How can I get this escalated to become reality again?

I’d be interesting to see how one writes a driver for Control4, it may then be possible to write one for Lifx.

We were considering LIFX but the lack of C4 integration killed that idea. Alexa and Siri integration are great but people buying new homes want something much more secure and robust which 90% of the time is C4 with about 9% split between Crestron, RTI, Elan and Loxone. Only about 1% aren’t getting any kind of HA system.

A few months ago I ran in to a guy from a larger national builder who said they’d also considered it but the lack of a driver and LIFX’s lack of interest in developing a driver put that idea on hold. Last I heard they are working w/ Phillips to fix a couple of issues with Hue and then plan to go that route.

From what I understand it is not too difficult to write the driver. Houselogix did their LIFX driver fairly fast. Getting it to work easily and consistently is the bear.

Allan at Chowmain has written a driver for all lifx lights to run with control4

I am having it loaded into my control4 system next week will let everyone know result