Controlling bulbs without internet


My bulbs work fine when my router has an internet connection. However today, when our connection dropped, I found out that we couldn’t control our bulbs. I was under the impression that if the controlling device (my phone) was on the same network as my bulbs then no internet was needed. Am I missing something here which would allow me to control my bulbs with no internet as long as they are on the same network as my phone?

Thanks in advance for any help

Android ? Remember I know for Nexus when connected to wifi the smart arses at google decided that your local lan should be ignored and it uses mobile data instead and thus can’t see your bulbs.

If it is android disable mobile data and try again. Is what I have to do.

I had a ticket to the support team for the same reason… The android app is unable to control bulbs when there is no internet connexion (but of course with wifi ON and mobile phone connected to the wifi lan)

In the meantime I can control the bulbs with a custom osx app, so it’s only a limitation of the android app

as I said, Android defaults to the connection with an active internet connection. This is why you drop your connection to the local bulbs. I have the same issue with my squeezebox remote app, it can’t find the server when the internet connection is down. Turn off your mobile data and it works again.

Hey umm…
I don’t think that’s a problem anymore because im using an OPPO Colour OS (based off Android 8.1) and my internet was out all day today, but i was still able to turn them off and on as long as i was connected to the same Wi-Fi

Edit: Wait… 3 Years later? Holly cow!