Corrosion on the Bottom

So about 6 months ago about 2 of the LIFX BR30 +'s to go on the lights above my garage doors. The North Bulb had quit working about 2 Months into operation and I had unscrewed it and noticed lots of corrosion on the base and had returned it to Amazon, I then swapped it with the Regular BR30 and this one is also beginning to corrode. I then just started to scrape of the corrosion and it worked okay, but I can anticipate it coming soon. The Light picture is shielded from the top from water and there is no water on the inside. Possible RMA?

I’m assuming that the corrosion is on the metal contacts that screw into the socket.

Are you using the rubber sealing that comes with the BR30 light? This helps seal the socket from atmospheric conditions such as water and salt crystals.

You might want to contact the support team at with pictures and they might be able to help you out better.