Cost of operating beams & Do you still make them

I’ve been wondering just how much does an 8 section beam/transformer cost to operate per hr? The lights might not be in use but the transformers are. And, I don’t see them available anywhere. Are they still in your product line?

Cost per hour is highly variable, depending upon your local utility. I’m guessing that you actually want to know how much power the transformers consume if the lights are not actually on. (Vampire Energy Usage). Again, while the transformer may have specific power draw requirements, the power supplied by your outlet (Voltage 110/220, stability of that voltage [virtually all municiapal electrical systems will have continuous minor fluctuations in the actual voltage supplied], and other factors as minute as the physical wiring infrastructure of your home will have some impact on the actual energy usage.) When you see a product advertised as costing $X to operate per year, you will see an asterix or other symbol next to it, and a disclaimer, somewhere else on the packaging stating that it is an estimate, based upon a certain number of hours of average usage at some assumed cost per killowatt hour.

If you really want to know how much the electricity used to run a particular device is costing you, the best method is to go out and purchase a Kill-A-Watt or comptitor device from Amazon or your local hardware store. It will let you know the exact amount of energy being consumed. From there, you can consult your utility bill to see how much you are paying per Kilowatt Hour, then calculate the cost per hour to operate your LIFX transformer or any other plug-in device.

hello, thank you for taking the time to explain all this. i apprecciate it and hopefully, will get around to completing this task.
kevin daly