Creating a LIFX HTTP API Token

Create an access token to use the HTTP Remote Control API to control your bulbs over the internet. This GIF below shows you how to create the token once you browse to the LIFX Cloud.

Hi Guys

i do not get a response other than [] from the HTTP API ? Any ideas

200 OK[]

MethodGETRequest Headers Accept: /
Authorization: Bearer --------------------------secret ------
accept-encoding: gzipURL Data{}


is there already something for automatic pass the token? like log in with Lifx program through OAuth standard ? @daniel_hall

Yup, I recently added details to the bottom of the API Authentication page.

OAuth Access

LIFX is currently exploring providing OAuth application access to select third parties. This enables your application to get an access token for your users in an automated manner. If you would like to participate in this program please email us at for consideration. Please include the following information:

  • Your name and contact details
  • The application you will be integrating with LIFX
  • How OAuth access will improve your integration

How do we obtain a login to the Lifx Cloud?

When you launch one of the official LIFX applications you will be prompted to create an account.

Hi daniel

We have mailed you for the OAuth application access for controlling Lifx Lights from our application B One and got response from your side with client Id and client code . now how to use these client id and code for accessing the authentication. kindly provide us the documentation for it

Thanks in advance


Hi Sujit,

Please see the following guide for setting up your OAuth integration:


HI Danial

 As per your guidelines provided we have  successfully integrated Lifx

lights with our Bone application in Android Version . but we are facing
issue with IOS version app development we are not able to get the code
after the successful login in with the credentials of lifx account which
is restricting in showing the web page . kindly find the error
screenshot attached below . and give us some suggestion for solving the
kindly is their any alternative to develop integration of lifx into our
app for ios version


Hi Sujit, Which URL are you trying to hit that is giving you a certificate error? We haven’t seen any issues with our monitoring of our TLS configurations.

Hi Kevin ,

   We have added  lifx lights through  lifx android app  and can able to control the lights throug the app  but  when i was  checking the light details  in the with the some acess token in the http api  request my light  details are  not visible kindly   help me in this issue

I got an error message ‘Invalid Access Token’ after I setup a new token in > Login > settings > Generate token.

Do i need to get approval from OAuth Access first?