Creating a "T" pattern with lightstrip

I have a 6 ft LIFX light strip. I am wondering if I can create a “T” pattern…going across the back of my ent. center horizontally, but branching off at the halfway point, to create a right angle so a single strip can run vertically up the wall. Basically I would need one 4 ft section running East-West, but connect a 2 ft. North-South point in the middle of the strip. Can a connection like that be done, using/cutting a single LIFX light strip?

In theory yes. You can find 3rd party adapters for angled connections like these With a lot of trial and error I managed to do the same using some modified dupont wires held together with hot glue.

Another way would be to bend them like described here: Bending or Cutting LIFX Z strips. I cannot recommend this method though as I managed to break multiple strips due to bending.

I was able to salvage parts of the strips by cutting but I succesfully cutting a piece without it being the last piece of the string might require quite a bit of hacking and experience on tiny solder joints to get a solid connection.

Thank you for taking the time to answer, I really appreciate the information! Have a good day!

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