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Cutting strip and attaching to both ends


I could not see an answer for this question on other quite similar, but not exactly the same questions.

I have bought alot of LIFX Z-Strips (both controllers and many 1M extensions) for my home and am about to install them in a kitchen. I have also bought a number of connectors and simple non lit extension wires from Amazon to bridge gaps in various presses.

My question is when cutting the LIFX Z-Strips, is there any documentation available as to what the limits are in terms of using the cut strips.

I have a few places where I need something like this in terms of strips/bridges/more strips.

  1. The controller plugged into the wall behind a cabinet
  2. A non lit extension from there to the corner of the kitchen cabinet
  3. A 0.6M lifx strip (So leaving 0.4 remaining)
  4. A 2M non lit extension to bridge the gap behind a dishwasher
  5. A 0.4M strip for a small cabinet
  6. A 3M non lit extension to bridge the gap behind a fridge
  7. A 0.4M strip for a small cabinet

Is there any reason this might not be possible. The reason I’m concerned with having this strip/extension wire/strip/extension wire, is a comment on this post Can the Lifx Z strips be trimmed down? where the person says “However, once you cut them, you will never be able to attach another strip to the ends of them, so cut wisely.”

Does this mean if I have any strip that’s cut in a given run (eg my point 3 above), that has to be the last strip? I can’t add more to the end with connectors/non lit extension wires?

Or is this false, and once I can get the connectors / non lit extension wires to connect, it should be fine?

The only strip you can cut is the last set (the last meter)

You can have connecting non led wire between , but you can’t cut the mid sections.

For My lights in my kitchen valance, I have three separate controllers for three separate 1 m strips all under one group name

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Great thank you!

Would anyone know how to properly cut the last few mm of both male and female ends of the Z strips to allow me to use this extension kit which i have from amazon.

I was hoping to find a youtube video or pictures but cannot seem to find any for these particular strips? In particular, cutting off the four pins from the strips safely.

I have cut and reattached LIFX-Z many times. This way I have installed kitchen cabinet sets with one controller and an extension wire that routes around the cooktop and exhaust fan areas. I’ve also put the strips behind TVs for beautiful ambience lighting without having strips that are too long.

You can see a solder bridge in the middle of a strip, that’s the only place to cut. There will then be two pieces, each with 24 LED groups. The hardest part is trimming off the silicone encapsulation so you can solder to the pads. This takes wearing a magnifier, a sharp knife, a steady hand, and a LOT of patience.

When attaching extension wires, obviously, maintain the correct pin out. Needless to say, they are polarity sensitive. I have successfully used old style, four conductor telephone wire, CAT5, and other wires. I handle all the parts carefully as they are extremely fragile.

You can see some of my TV and under-cabinet LIFX installations here;

Obviously, I am not responsible for your installations, damaged parts, or sliced fingers.
Be careful, and good luck!

I have done the same thing with my kitchen lights but have noticed issues if the “jumpers” are too long. Sections of LEDs after the jumper wires were blinking a little so I shortened the slack and it got better. Did you notice the same thing? Any idea what the maximum jumper length is?