Cutting strip and using both

I want to buy a starter pack and cut the included strip in half.

Then can I buy another power supply and connect it to the 2nd strip?

The starter pack includes two 1M strips. :slight_smile: No need to cut anything.

And yes, you can use a second LIFX Z controller on the second strip.

OOps… just realised how old this thread was. showed up as new for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

I have not used these yet so this is from my reading on this forum and use of other types of LED strips as I had the same query as you :).

The strips have addressable zones and specified points where they can be cut. I believe that one of these at the half way point on a strip is like other commercial basic strips (it will look like 4 solder blobs). I believe this would be a point where you could join an extension. Beware the pin spacing is not identical to the standard WRGB 4 pin strips off ebay etc (according to LifX). Soldering may be an option?

An extension of 1m has been touted as workable and there are a couple of threads I have read where users describe success and issues with low power on the trailing strip or end zones due to too long a run for the controller to power. Do some reading around :slight_smile:

Lifx FAQ states that you can use a connector to join their premade lengths - and they are currently re-working the cables they sold to do this (all listed out of stock on the store). I’m uncertain how in detail but the controller identifies each addressable zone up to the maximum number, and there is a maximum length. Too long and you will get low power and flaky performance at the far end.

Not sure if this answers your specific request but hopefully some help. It may be that at some point users will have to experiment a little and risk killing a strip to see how some of these ideas go.

Personally I would like to see a clip on connector that could be used at junctions with nodes like other commercial strips so that short segments can be used and still joined together.