Damage from brownouts?

I’ve now lost two LIFX lamps due to brownouts. From what XCEL Energy says we briefly dropped to around 50-70v in both cases. We also lost one about 18 months ago from a brief outage though like many outages there was a bit of brownout on the way to full loss of power.

Shouldn’t they be able to withstand this?

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Came up again. I’d recommended LIFX & Hue to a friend. They experienced a brown out yesterday and she appears to have lost both of her LIFX. Hue seem OK.


Our hardware engineers say this shouldn’t happen, but we’re gonna do some tests to see. In the meantime can you DM me the email associated with your LIFX account and the serial numbers of your affected devices so I can see the specific models of these LIFX devices?


Here ya go.


Hi LD1,

Appreciate raising this topic, it’s great to hear feedback from our customers. During our product design phases we most certainly test for brown-out or low voltage input cases and all of our products pass that test. In addition, we select components specifically to ensure they are suited to handle a variety of conditions outside of the recommended operating voltage, this is also to ensure we exceed certification requirements.

Nevertheless, due to your post we wanted to triple check. We pieced together 25 of our products on a ‘light board’ (from GU10, Mini, Candles, A19 etc) and setup an automated test using a programmable AC power source. We conducted automated testing constantly looping between 110V down to 50, 60 and 70V over a 24 hour period.

We found all products had no issues caused from these conditions, and continued to work fine after the test.

If you have not already reached out to our support team, please provide us with both yours/your friends ticket number and we will follow up further. We would love to get this product back so we can pull it apart and find out the root cause.



Sorry for not replying sooner. Life got rather hectic the past few weeks. Should I send these two to you guys? Address? It’d be great to know what happened.

Have you created a support ticket for a replacement? You can mention the hardware team has asked for the bulb back and they can organise the refund for postage.
I can DM you an address, but it’s hard to cover the postage cost without the normal support method. Just DM me if you prefer the later :slight_smile:
Thanks very much!

Thanks. No problem. I’ll find the original ticket or open a new one.