Day and Dusk consistency

I use the app to control all lights at the same time, by location. I have day and dusk switched off.

Say for example, one evening I set all lights to Warm at 100%.

Then, I turn the lights off at the wall.

The next day, when I switch the lights back on again…

The app reports “mixed” colours at 99%.

Despite me setting them all to Warm at 100%.

Additionally, sometimes, if I try to change 99% to 100%, the app flips back to 99%.

On top of all this, on the rare occasions where all lights do restore to Warm at 100%,
there is still inconsistency with the actual kelvin - some look warmer than others.

I have returned the lights that do not display the correct kelvin. And lifx replaced them, but, even those too start displaying the same inconsistent behaviour. So I think now that this isn’t a hardware issue, but a software one.

Does anybody else have this experience?