Day and dusk, wake up using redish color instead of whitish?

I bought the mini day and dusk bulb hoping that I could use it to gently wake me up in the morning.

It does wake me up each morning, but since the minimum brightness is somewhat away from complete darkness what wakes me up is the sudden change in brightness in my bedroom. So instead of a gentle slowly wakeup I get a small shock going straight from complete darkness to 1% white brightness - which is quite a lot light coming from complete darkness.

I guess that it isn’t possible to lower the brightness to something less than the current 1%. So instead I would suggest you to try to start with the most gentle color the bulb can produce which I would think was as red as possible. Then the bulb could fade towards the blue or whitish color it currently uses for the wakeup slot. I cannot test it but I think it would make the wakeup more gentle.

For me, the Day & Dusk bulb is great, but the day and dusk automated scheduling isn’t usable yet.

Try this. Turn off the day and dusk settings and do it all with schedules instead. Set two schedules for the artificial sunrise. The first schedule takes the light from off to 1500K, and the second schedule takes it from 1500K to 3500K, if you want the brightest white. There are two ways you could do this, assuming a 30 min sunrise to finish at 8 am.

First method

7:29 One minute schedule going from off to 1% 1500K.
7:30 Thirty minute schedule going from 1% 1500K to 100% 3500K.

Second method, the one we use

7:30 Fifteen minute schedule running from off to 100% 1500K.
7:45 Fifteen minute schedule running from 100% 1500K to 100% 3500K.

I’m asleep with an eye mask when this is going on, it’s for waking my partner up from work. We have two Lifx bulbs in the bedroom and the other is multicolour, so we actually have the first schedule taking it up to 100% 1500K on one bulb and 100% purple on the other bulb, before bringing them both to full white. So he has a pretty orange and purple sunrise.

Also I’m running comparisons, and 1500K seems to be about the same as 36° on the original bulbs. But the original bulbs go dimmer. 1% at 1500K on the D&D bulb seems equivalent to about 10% at 36° on the original bulb. No wonder the dimmest you can get on the D&D bulb is still so startling. Is this a bug? Why doesn’t it dim all the way down?