Day & Dusk HTTP request

I often find myself needing to open the LIFX app only to disable and then enabling the Day & Dusk feature. Which is needed to resync the colour of the lights after the lights have been turned off using the wall switch.

I do however have a android TV device always on running node.js, so I’m thinking if there’s a way to enable and disable the Day & Dusk feature using a HTTP request. The request would be scheduled in cron once every hour.


Unfortunately you can’t control schedules through the HTTP API (day dusk is just a shortcut for a number of schedules).

If you give me a private message with the email you use for your LIFX account I can tell you the schedules that are run for your day dusk and you can use that to work out when/what commands to send to the HTTP API.

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If you have a device that can run Docker containers, I have an image that can run Day & Dusk schedules locally:

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