Day-Dusk I believe is misleading, should be Sleep-Wake

Guess I messed up when I got this bulb (based on the name), I was under the impression that it was a “off at dawn & and on at dusk”. I appears to be the exact opposite - Never occurred to me that you would have a light come on at dawn and go off at dusk.

The whole setup on this bulb has been a confusion from day one. I wanted this bulb to be more of a night-light.

I think the main intention of the day dusk feature is to set the appropriate colour temperature and brightness for the time of day although it does provide simplistic on-off automation.
Just turning on the nightlight feature and leaving the other 3 sections off will do what you want but will give you no control over automating the brightness and colour temperature. It’ll just be a very dim warm white light from the time under nightlight until the time under wake up (even if wake up is turned off).

The schedules feature in the main part of the app will allow you to fully customise the automation and achieve exactly what you want including setting the start and finish times to automatically follow your local sunset/rise times and set brightness, colour and fade times.