Day & Dusk. On / off schedule?

Perhaps I misunderstood the Day & Dusk mode on my a19. I thought it was a cool way for the bulb to automatically change its warmth/brightness through the day?

But it also seems to cause the bulb to switch on too. For instance I switched the bulb off overnight, and found it back on in the morning.

What am I missing ?


I have the same ‘problem’. I hope LIFX can make it optional to leave the power unchanged during the Day&Dusk mode.

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Makes no sense. If they want to include scheduling in the app, put it in a separate part of the app. Don’t force us to turn on the lights when we don’t want to.

Was wondering the same, so not only me…I wound up just turnings the setting off.

Yup. Have switched it off too. Shame.

I posted the same issue on Reddit a couple days ago, there should be an option to have the program cycle through in the background while leaving the ‘State Unchanged’ except if you have ‘Wake Up’ enabled.

So then once you’ve turned it off when you go to work for example it should remain off until you get home and switch it back on.

Isn’t that for schedules, not the Day& Dusk settings?

That’s exactly my point, the ability to leave the lights off during a scheduled colour change already exists when setting a manual schedule.

But this option should also exist in the Day & Dusk cycle.

Because currently due to the maximum transition duration of 60 minutes, I have had to create a series of 7 custom made schedules to replicate the same functionality as the Day & Dusk cycle if I want the lights to stay off while I’m at work.

So there are two fixes for this:

  1. Increase the schedule fade duration to a max of 8 hours for example
  2. Allow the day dusk cycle to leave the on/off state unchanged when moving between the 4 preset transition times.
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Agree on this. I currently use a 3rd party program to control light temperature throughout the day, but a native solution would be better.

Options to choose changes to power state, brightness, and/or temperature. Then it would work for all uses. Also some way to trigger it on and off through the API so it can be paused and resumed (in the case the light is manually switched to another color, almost like a hold on a thermostat).

Which 3rd-party program are you using? :slight_smile:

Circadian Daylight Coordinator on SmartThings.


Ah, darn. We don’t have SmartThings in Australia. I believe it’s because the frequency used is not allowed to be used by consumer devices here, but I’m not 100% sure on the actual reason.

Yeah there is something amiss. I turn the light off (Alexa) just before going to work, and it will turn itself on, at 2% I think (the “night” level) at 8am. No idea what’s going on. I really like it automatically turning the light down at night, but issue of it turning itself on is a pita.

Have there been any updates? I’m in the same situation: I’d like the day & dusk light schedules to be independent from turning them on.

For the short term, I created three Schedules to change the light Temperature throughout the day, but it would be nice to have that automated.

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