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Day & Dusk - Settings when switched on from wall switch



I really like the day & dusk feature but there’s one things that troubles me.

During the night and when away from home, we turn off the bulb from the wall switch.
When turning the light on from the wall switch, it runs with the settings which were used when it was turned off, even if day & dusk feature is enabled and the current time defines different settings for the light. The only way I found to bring the light to the correct settings is to either turn day & dusk feature on and off, or play with the graph (the one that allows you to experiment with the light settings throughout the day).

Did I miss something?

Is it possible for the bulb to adjust to the correct day & dusk settings as soon as the bulb starts up?



Bumping this thread.

I have the exact same issue, and I got the lifx bulbs just because I wanted to be able to use my existing light switches. Is this a bug or the intended way of working?

Would appreciate a quick response as I will return it if this is the intended way of working (and I need to do that within the next 10 days)


@Ziphiaz This is the way that the scheduling system currently works. It is powered by the LIFX cloud, so when the lights are powered off at the wall switch, schedules do not trigger.

We are looking at how we improve on this in the future, potentially where when the light is turned on and connects to the LIFX cloud, it checks to see if it would be in the middle of any long running schedule transitions and then adjusts to that state. Even with this solution, there would be a delay before the change in light state occurred while the light powers up and connects to your Wi-fi and then the LIFX cloud servers.


Was looking for the same exact thing - I want the lights to follow the Day & Dusk schedule when I turn them on at the wall switch.

I’m thinking about writing a little code that runs 24/7 and updates the lights every x# seconds on my local network.

That way even if the light is off, when I turn it on it would “synch up” to the desired color temperature and brightness based on the current time of day pretty quickly.

How would this affect power consumption on the bulbs? If they update 3600 times per hour will they still run at 11W consumption?


I was actually able to get this running! Only need to update 60 times per hour since it can detect when a bulb goes offline and online at the wall switch.

Made some presets for brightness and color temperature at: dawn, sunrise, sunset, dusk, night, and nadir. Once a minute it updates all the bulbs based on where the current time of day lands between presets, blending the brightness and color temperature using some basic math!

It works really well. The transitions are beyond seamless since they happen so imperceptibly.

When you turn a light on at the wall switch, it comes on at its last setting and then about a second later it “synchs up” with the presets I coded. Each minute thereafter it gets updated to the preset curve.

I also added in a check so that if the brightness is more than 25% of the preset, to leave it alone - meaning that it assumes you turned up the brightness yourself for a reason. To get it back on the preset curve, just turn it off and on at the wall switch once.

The only downside is that I have to run it on a server in my house, not really an option for the general public.

Anyway, I hope something like the above lands in the cloud app. I have proven it works really well!

If anyone wants the code just message me.


I made this into a node package, you can grab it here: