Day & Dusk without automatic on/off

Splitting this off from How can I prevent Day&Dusk from automatically turning on? so as not to clutter others’ inboxes…

Absent any experience with the LIFX product line, I imagined that the Day & Dusk bulbs quite simply set themselves to a time-of-day-appropriate temperature and brightness when turned on (by switch, app, or otherwise). Then, I started reading through the FAQ and forums, and now I’ve gone and got myself a tad confused.

So, once more for brevity:
Can the off-the-shelf Day & Dusk bulbs can be configured not to turn on or off as part of their schedule?

Thanks in advance!

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Not in any way that is useful. If you disable a period of the day (which are currently “Wake Up”, “Day”, “Evening” and “Night Light”) then the bulb will turn off at the start of the period. But that also disables any gradual transition that would’ve occurred during that period. Likewise, if a period is enabled, then the bulb will automatically turn on when that period starts.

Darn. I had my fingers crossed after the reply to my +1 in the older thread I linked, but I had a sneaking suspicion that it must have been a miscommunication.

Thanks for confirming, @Djelibeybi

Has anyone out there got a creative solution to dumb down these smart bulbs a bit? I really love the idea of outfitting my parents with some simple, not-too-frightening bulbs that could reduce eye fatigue and promote a healthier rhythm to their days.

You can do what your asking by using regular schedules.

See How can I prevent Day&Dusk from automatically turning on?