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Deeplink to turn on light


How can I use a deeplink such as eg. LIFX://home-light/on
to enable and disable a light and if it’s not possible can lifx please add it


That level of control would require every light to be running a webserver, which I don’t think is something they’re planning to support.

You’ve got two options getting this kind of functionality. You could use the HTTP API to achieve what you want, or if you’re keen to keep everything local, you could set up your own server and call that instead. I threw together a quick python server using the excellent LifxLAN package that does just this.


Hi, I’m working on something similar. I’ve found that after the server’s been sitting idle for a while, there can be problems accessing the bulbs.

It looks like you’re discovering the lights and refreshing your list every 2 minutes. Has that been working pretty well? I was thinking of doing the same thing, but maybe once every 5 minutes.


Mostly just to poll for updates. I have a few lights that are still manually switched on and off. This seems to catch them.