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Default Color Firmware Update Maybe?

Fucking hell. How simple would it be to add a feature for a default light color and brightness for LIFX lights when they are turned off? STUPID EASY. Why hasn’t the LIFX Dev crew implemented something this stupid simple yet is beyond me. This shit needs to be mandatory. These lights are alpha but whoever is writing the firmware and the app that controls them is beta as fuck.

TLDR: Hi, great product, I love it. Please add a default light color and brightness setting option so when I use my physical light switch I can find what I am looking for without using my phone to readjust the color. Thanks

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I’m going to have to agree (albeit in a more civilized manner). Still, It is way WAY better than defaulting to full bright white (like some other competitors!!!)

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I’m not being serious. Just trying to get the devs attention. I’ve requested this twice already. No action. If I can implement this with a simple python script that most certainly can do it at a firmware level.

For the last 6 months or so they basically have had zero inventory to sell on their site or amazon (except the lifx z and plus). They probably don’t have money right now to pay developers.

This would be a great feature to have on the app as an optional item.

An default brightness level and color setting could be available for light fittings.

If enabled for a fitting, it will go to its default settings when power is restored.

Might go some way to appeasing those who don’t want smart lights?