Delayed color change when switch is off?

Is there some means via Cycle or otherwise that one could change the color at some future time if/when the bulb is turned back on via a physical switch.

Use case, is a bulb in a bathroom that during 10p to 6a turn red, from 6a-10p be white. Have this scheduled saved in the bulb so that regardless of power via a physical switch that the color is correct based on time of time when the bulb is turned back on.

Scheduling happens entirely in the LIFX Cloud and your bulb needs to be powered on to receive scheduled events. Cycle is an effect and effects do not resume when a bulb is physically powered on.

The closest you can get to your use case is to create a schedule using the iOS app. Schedule a colour change (Eg: Red -> White) but leave power unchanged. That means if the bulb is soft off then the LIFX Cloud will still sets it’s colour and the next time it’s soft on you’ll see that colour. I use this technique myself, but I never turn my bulbs physically off.