Delete lamps from account

We need to delete some bulbs registered to another (old) account. We used them for one project, now we use them for another but the first user can still control these lamps. We tried several times to delete the lamps from the first account via the (iphone) app, but they are still listed and can be controlled + taken over.
Some of these lamps are at our users now - but we still can see them in our testing account. That´s bad.

In the ‘old’ account there are several rooms, created for testing purposes. How do we get rid of them? We already uninstalled the app, but after reinstallation they still keep popping up - together with all the lamps that are not part of this project any more.
help please.

I had an old light on my account until I hit “remove light from cloud”. That cleared it in my app UI.

Hi. I do not know, where I can find the ‘remove light from cloud’ function. Now I´m just a guest user for this lamp and am not able to access the gear-symbol for configuration.

Alternatively I would try to set up a new lifx account, but currently I am not able to do that either. Old account keeps popping up… :-((

Hi @hhlab,

It sounds like you might have signed in with a different account if the lights are showing up as lights owned by someone else. If you do a hardware reset on the lights, then you can reconnect them to your Wi-fi and then claim them to the account you’re currently using.

If you’d like to track down the account that you registered originally, contact and our support team can help out.