Delete old + create new account


having trouble with the old account and its lamps, I want to create and use a new account.

created new lifx account, signed out of the iphone app, singed in with the new account and guess what happened? the old account name (top most title in the app) showed up again, containing the same old faulty lamps, I wanted to get rid of.

what went wrong?

ok, got it: the lifx app (on all devices - phones, tablets) does not use the lamps associated to any account but the lamps connected to the local network. At least it´s the name of the local network on top of the app and therefor there are lamps listed, that don´t belong to my account.

somehow the third party app Lifxstyle also found the configuration of my lamps at the first start. spooky!!! don´t like that.