Demo: World's Smartest Home - featuring Blockchain, Crypto, and LIFX!

People talk about “Smart Homes” – but I have created what I believe is the “World’s Smartest”. The (fun) videos below are a demonstration of my custom home automation (named Jarvis), which features an innovative implementation of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to manage our kid’s chores and entertainment. Every aspect of ‘Jarvis’ leverages LIFX as a key component for notifications throughout the house.

The videos below also show integrated real-time vehicle tracking, alarm surveillance, DASH buttons, TV control, house-wide music, smart fitness coaching, mobile phone notifications, wifi colored lights, homework scoring, thermostats, sprinklers, power monitoring, motion and vibration sensors, and Echo dots in every room.

01/11 Blockchain Chores & Crypto -
02/11 Vehicle Tracking -
03/11 Automated Fitness -
04/11 TV Control -
05/11 Alarm & Surveillance -
06/11 Whole Home Music -
07/11 Mobile Integration -
08/11 Satellite Touchpanels -
09/11 Homework Scoring -
10/11 Chatbot, GUI, Hardware -
11/11 Extras (Dinner Gong, Home Videos) -