DHCP Bug - and random addresses popping up

I can understand getting 169.254 address but what kind of bug causes
146.189 addresses? Note that 192.255.226.* is a class C I own so it is valid. But 146.189 should never happen. I’ve seen other ranges too.

Do you get a packet trace when this happens? It would be really interesting to see the DHCP exchange at that point.

This points to a network config error, not a bug with the light’s firmware.

When you say you own “” do you mean that prefix along with an ASN was assigned to you via your local IANA authority and if so, why would you assign IPs from a prefix that’s being publicly announced?

Without knowing more about your topology, it looks to me that you’ve rogue DHCP offers being made to clients, possibly due to passing UDP broadcasts between layer three domains unhindered.

Just noticed this.

If you check the ARIN database you’ll see it’s been assigned to me as of 1989.09.04. As an FYI RFC-1174 proposing private ranges is from 1990 so forgive me for being old school. So it’s not a bug at all.

That said, I do plan to shift to 172.16 once I’m ready to deal with the consequences.

Just as an FYI – I did further checking and idea of private ranges seemed to appear in 1994.