Diagnosing LIFX bulb behaviour

Hi team

We have a couple of LIFX bulbs that seem to have a rhythm of their own. Day-and-dusk is turned off. So for example, the bedside light went off at 11 pm yesterday evening. The evening before it came on at midnight and my SO had to turn it off. Is there any way to find out what is triggering these events?

FWIW, I had bought a lifx bulb for the porch lamp and tried to set that one up with day-and-dusk, but the behaviour was more-or-less random.

No issues with other smart bulbs and wifi signal strength is good where the bulbs are located.


This happens every evening as I read in bed. Light goes out at random o’clock.

Sometime between 10pm and 11:15pm when the light is turned on around 10pm.

Does silence mean no diagnostics? Or just support team doesn’t check-in here? :pleading_face:


This is a developer forum, as opposed to a support forum and so the support team do not look here.

As for your problem, if you log into cloud.lifx.com, which integrations do you have?

The UI reports 3 integrations (LIFX, Nest, and Google Assistant), but the Nest and Assistant ones were unhooked on the other side a long time ago:

(i) Nest isn’t tracking home/away, their log shows zero home/away events for as far back as it goes. And their UI shows 0 integrations.

(ii) Google assistant had LIFX deleted ages ago. Nothing in the UI for LIFX.

I’ve now deleted both from the LIFX side, but this wasn’t the question being asked.


Day Dusk and cloud integrations are the first things we check when lights are changing unexpectedly.

I would suggest choosing the contact support option in the app and make sure to mention this thread.