Difference between Gen 2 and Gen 3 LIFX bulbs?

What’s the difference between Gen2 and Gen3 bulbs? (other than the price)

Looks like they produce about 45 lumens more, for one thing.

Gen3 has an Apple chip which will make it possible to have a HomeKit integration in the future.

Ahh the apple chip is probably the thing

I bought a LIFX+ from a local store. How can I tell whether it’s a Gen 2 or Gen 3? There’s nothing about that on the box, aside from the model number - LHA19E26UC10P,

All the newer lifx or lifx+ named bulbs are gen 3 devices.

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Differences from my limited understanding:

  • 1st and 2nd gen bulbs come in a square box whereas 3rd gen are in cylindrical tubes.
  • Only 3rd gen bulbs are able to be used outdoors and the recommended use is in an enclosure protected from the elements.
  • 3rd gen bulbs are brighter overall.
  • 2nd and 3rd gen are similar shapes whereas 1st gen bulbs are about an inch taller.
  • 2nd and 3rd gen bulbs use 36% less power overall than 1st gen.
  • LIFX+ bulbs (3rd gen) can produce infrared light for night-vision (useful for cameras). This has the side-effect of using a tiny bit more power.
  • From my own use, 3rd gen bulbs react a lot faster to commands; although, this may be caused by the newer firmware.

It shows this information in the app.