Different Transition Times


I recently switched from Insteon to LIFX and so far so good.

There is just one thing I can’t figure out how to get LIFX to do, that I could do on Insteon…

My living room setup has 2 table lamps and 4 ceiling lights… During a normal night, the Table lamps are on 100%, and the ceiling lights are off.

When I hit my “Movie” scene, I want the ceiling lights to turn on at 10% dim instantly, and I want my table lamps to fade to 0% over 1 minute. I can’t figure out how to control the transition times separately

Any help would be great

App ?

If you mean the app then you can’t control transition times, select the scene and lights change to that. There is no option that I know of to set transition times just the final state you want the lights to be at.

Yeah, I was talking about the LIFX App…

Do you think I could do this with IFTT? Setup 2 recipes (one for the 4 ceiling lights, and one for the Table Lamps with a slow transition time) Then create a Do Button, that would be a Trigger for both of these recipes?

No idea, IFFT annoys me as it is only if THIS then THAT no If THIS or THIS or THIS then THAT and That and THAT. in other words I want to string together a series of LIFX commands but IFTTT is one only.
I really want to create a process that is if the lounge lights are on and the hall light is on then turn the hall light off over 5 seconds and change the loungeroom lights to low blue over 15 seconds. can’t do that.

Yeah, LIFX really needs to add an Advanced Scene Editor, where you can specify transition times per bulb

Insteon has a great customizing editor for Scenes… this is the only thing missing from LIFX


These are some great ideas i am going to grab the scenes ideas and stick them up on our task board. I unfortunately can’t promise you anything as it will all come down to prioritisation in the long run.

Though you could use the http api to make more complex api calls. Perhaps a lambda (that makes the appropriate calls against our http api) that is called by IFTTT or by something else. though this wouldn’t be something easy to implement.


Thanks! By the way, here is what Insteon does… you would just have to add color options.