Disable Guest Light

Is there a way to disable the Guest Light feature on lights and beams? Take the following situation:

There are two Lifx lights, each in their own bedroom, sharing a common wifi network. Each light is controlled by the occupant of the room using their own Lifx account. As it stands now each occupant would see the other occupants light in the app as a “Guest Light” meaning one could accidentally turn on or turn off the wrong light.

Is there a way to disable “Guest Light” on a light by light basis to allow for lights that you want to have shared and lights that should only be controllable by their owner.


There currently isn’t a way to hide lights on the network that aren’t on your cloud account. I have passed on the idea to the product team though :slight_smile:

Thanks. Hopefully it isn’t too hard to add.

If you had UniFi (or similar) wifi APs, you could create two independent SSIDs with devices on one SSID being isolated from the other SSID. If you put each bulb (and your smart devices) on your specific SSID, you wouldn’t see the other bulb (and vice-versa).

Thanks for the suggestion unfortunately that wouldn’t work in my current setup as there are some lights that I want to have guest access for.