Disabling web/http API access on bulbs

Hi there ! We use 10 bulbs for a theater show, with a custom built LAN library (no HTTP/WEB access). So far everything is fine, if the bulbs are initialized well after the WIFI access point everything seems pretty stable.

But even if I’m now quite familiar with the LAN API, I still don’t know anything about the HTTP API.
So, I wonder if in an internetless situation the bulbs may still try to connect to the outside world ? If the answer is ‘yes’, how can I configure the bulbs to avoid this kind of useless connection attempts ?

Hopefully a LIFX employee can chime in, but from my understanding, I do believe the bulbs will still try and ping the cloud HTTP API. The only exception I can see to this is if the bulbs are not “claimed” by the LIFX app, but I am not sure.

I’ll run a few wireshark tests to be sure and post back later today.