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DNS Failure and/or not connected following power outage

Dear Lifx Community,

Does anyone know if there is a way, using the App, to reconnect all bulbs to the cloud following a power outage.

Everytime I have one I have to go into each device and select it’s properties and then click to connect. That’s OK at the moment as I only have 5 bulbs. However, I’m in the process of swapping all my Zigbee bulbs to Lifx - the whole home!

Power outages aren’t that frequent, but it’s going to be very frustrating once my home is all Lifx.

To the Lifx Dev Team - is there a way you could set the app to connect everything using one action. On the app I have a home and then sub categories (rooms). Is it possible to give the home button a setting to connect all bulbs?



Mine automatically reconnect to the LIFX Cloud in the event of a power failure.

That don’t help no one.

The device retains it’s idea of where the cloud is. They should reconnect by themselves, but sometimes they need a power cycle.

And your does?