Do LIFX devices accept commands when "off"?

I have some Z strips that i am controlling via the HTTP API. I use them as accent lights in the house. I issue an “On” command to them along with a brightness of .7. Then I periodically reduce the brightness using a command that just has the brightness variable in it. This works fine when I am home. When I am away, I issue a command that turns the strips “off”. Later when I come home, I issue a command to turn them on again. I would expect that the brightness commands that reduce the brightness over time would still affect the Z strips even though they are not “on”, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. They seem to come back on at the same level they were when I turned them off. Am I wrong in assuming that the brightness commands issued when the strips are off, should work? IF I am wrong, can you recommend a better way to do what I tried to describe?


if I understand your question correctly then no, the lights when you turn them on again will be turned on with the brightness set to .7 as per the original initial “on” command is set - this would not be changed by you reducing the brightness without you “rewriting” the initial “on” command to be the new brightness.

It might be better for you to create multiple “on” commands, with slightly different triggers that would allow you to set the brightness to the required level with that specific on command. for example:

  • “on7” = brightness @ .7
  • “on4” = brightness @ .4
  • “on10” = brightness @ 1.0

You don’t explain how your writing your commands so I might be off on the specifics as well.

Hope this helps, please let me know if I’ve misunderstood your original post!

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LIFX accept commands while they are off but still powered (HUE doesn’t work like that I think). You can change every parameter so that they do come on with whatever you set in between on states.

But if you issued a long transition time and then turn them “off”, I believe the transition is stopped and they do come on the next time with whatever state they had when you issued the “off” command.

Thank you both for your responses. I am using a Universal Devices ISY-994 to issue commands to my LIFX bulbs and Z strips through its Network Resources capability - which allows me to send internet messages to external devices (such as LIFX, and my Lutron shades). I did find an error in my original coding siuch that the brightness reducing commands weren’t being issued when I was away. I fixed that but I haven’t been home in the evenings at the right times to check whether it works correctly or not. After I test it again, I’ll update this thread. Thanks again. Bob