Docker Day & Dusk v2.0

Hey folks,

I finally found the time to clean up and release my local implementation of Day & Dusk:

It uses @delfick-employee’s fantastic Photons Core library under the hood to build a series of cron jobs from user-provided JSON.

I’ve only just published it now so keep in mind that it may have bugs, rough edges and other pitfalls. The biggest one is that if you don’t provides your own bulbs.conf file, it’s going to target all the bulbs it can find.

The Docker image is published at

Edited because I tagged v1.0.0 and made it multiarch, so it works on 64-bit Arm devices like the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/B+ or Raspberry Pi 4 as well. I’ve also added per-event bulb selection in v1.1.0 via event-specific bulb.conf files.

If you like living on the edge, the develop branch has HSBK support as well as the ability to specify individual days for each event.



You can use photons configuration instead of json files (and also have a bit more checking on whether the configuration is correct) with something like

I quickly wrote this up and I’ve only tested the happy path which seems to work.


I figured Photons would have a more elegant method for this. Working with python-crontab was quite a learning experience.

Thanks a bunch!


The develop branch and images have breaking changes from the initial 1.x release to incorporate @delfick-employee’s code contributions. I have not released a new version, but the next release will be 2.0.0 to highlight these changes.

Please check the updated file on GitHub to see the changes and how much more contol you now have for each event.

The latest 2.0 version of now supports even more granular configurations, including full HSBK support and bulb selection (including dynamic selection) on a per-event basis.

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