Does a LIFX bulb use a websocket to connect to the LIFX Cloud?


I need to connect a LIFX to a private network that is not accessible from the Internet but can access the Internet. I would like to call the HTML APIs from a web server that is on a different network (public cloud). Does the bulb always initiate the connection to the LIFX cloud? Is what I am trying to do possible?

Thanks a lot.

When I last talked to support about it, you cannot connect over Wi-Fi with the LAN Protocol or HTTP API. This would restrict what you’re wanting to do correct?

What is the problem you’re trying to solve?

The bulb connects to a server in the LIFX Cloud named on port 56700 using a TCP connection secured by TLS and talking a proprietary LIFX protocol. The bulb is always the initiator of this connection and as long as it is still on the WiFi will keep trying to reconnect if it gets disconnected.

When you talk to the HTTP API we use this constant connection to send messages to the bulbs and get responses.

So as long as the network you are talking about allows the bulb to make this connection, then your scenario should work.


Great, thank you Daniel

Hello Daniel,

Is there a way to tunnel this to only use a more common port such as 443? Because my corporate network is blocking 56700.

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