Does anyone have a recommended Lifx Mac App Store app

Working from home these days means I am emersed in my company MacPro with multiple monitors for long hours and with many changing “scenes” needed for Zoom and Teams meetings, focused work, and needing a bit of light fun to get through the day. The iOS devices are great, but I would like to be able to stay in the Mac UI, especially when I am unexpectedly called on to present in a video conference.

Since this is a managed Mac from the office, I am somewhat limited to Lifx applications that live in the Apple App Store. I found a few, but reviews are spotty and for several, they are dated.

Do any of you have a favorite Lifx tool in this space? Ideally, this would include a menubar widget so I can get to it easily from full-screen mode in video conferencing tools. I did a quick search for this topic, so I apologize if I missed an active thread on this topic.

Thanks, and have bright and colorful day, all y’all!

I’ve been working on a somewhat minimal scripting language that’s implemented in Python. Because Python’s standard on a Mac, you should be able to use it. There’s no GUI, but you can run scripts from a Terminal window.

Although it is a programming language, I tried to make it simple to use for simple tasks, especially for people who are looking to play around a bit. The installation isn’t as easy as installing an app from the store, but I think it’s reasonably straightforward.

It’s still pretty buggy, but I’m fixing the problems as I find them.

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oh cool! that looks like quite a nice little language you got there :slight_smile:

Very cool. Thank you for sharing. I’ll check it out.