Does not go full white on brief off, as claimed in FAQ

The FAQ states that powering off a bulb for < 3 seconds causes it to go to bright white.
Mine do not.
If it was off, it comes on with previous settings (useful, unless it was caused by a power outage 8-{ )
if it was on, it comes back on, with no change (not useful)
If you switch off for more than 3 seconds- the same happens!

What would be most useful is-
if off, then on
if on, then off

same state.
That way, the lightswitch has a purpose again!

In their infinite wisdom, they removed this feature in Gen 3…

Yes and it shits me big time.

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I have no problem with the removal- it has little functionality to me (but wouldn’t it be nice if you could choose this functionality via the app?) but the FAQ should match the operation. Especially as there does not seem to be a functional description (manual, user guide, call it what you will) of the products.

@acs680 this feature is going to be added to Gen 3 and 4 lights in the new year.


Which feature? Choice of white on brief off? Much better would be the suggestion that I made - brief off toggles state (off to on, on to off), meaning that the lightswitch can be used as a manual control. I believe this would significantly remove the arguments against fitting LIFX lamps by other family members. I would certainly buy more!
How do I find out which generation I have?

@MikeM we will be making the power cycle behaviour customisable to a certain extent. We’ll look into your suggestion.

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THANK YOU. This can’t come fast enough!

Not normally one to revive an old thread, but: it’s nearly the end of 2018. Did this happen?

What’s the current status of customisable power-cycle states for each type of bulb?


It is a whole year on. Did anything happen? This is quite important- it gives you working light switches!