Dual Color Nest Support

Currently using Lifx bulbs with my Nest Protect. The main reason why I chose Lifx over Philips Hue was for the Nest support (without an added hub). If an alarm sounds the bulbs flash red. Would be great if they worked more like the nest itself, where it flashes yellow for a warning, and red for an actual alarm. Just thinking out loud here (and hoping someone at Lifx adds this feature) :grin:

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I agree, that would be a great feature. That way you’ve got a warning ahead of time when you need to deal with an issue long before it’s an emergency situation.

Exactly. Or you could also use one color for Carbon Monoxide warning, and the other for fire.

Either way it would greatly enhance the bulbs usability.

Do you know of the Nest Protect API supports this?

If so, maybe Stringify and IFTTT can accomplish it.

If not, I think the first two is going to Nest. It’ll be a lot easier for us to ask LIFX to add features to an integration should that functionality already exist.