E27 fitting bulb

Can someone explain what’s the difference between the E27 connectors. I see in online store they have different E27 connectors, and I thought it is global standard
I live in Israel, I just ordered and received two bulbs with E27 which fit OK, but now I noticed the different E27 and just wondered before I order more

There are no regional editions of our bulbs. The regions in our ordering system is an artifact of our stock management and fulfillment system. This only occurs because we have sold out of bulbs and are waiting resupply in those warehouses. We expect this to happen in November but do not have further details at this time.

So, if I am in Israel, can I order?

Currently, due to an incredible take up on our recent sale, the fulfilment center that services Israel has sold out of stock. We expect that new stock will arrive in that fulfilment center some time in November.

OK, thanks
I wiil wait, I like the product