Event Subscriptions - Cloud API

I’ve seen several historical posts which mentioned that cloud event subscriptions were being considered - has there been any progress or change of thought on enabling cloud event subscriptions? (New Event Update, LIFX Event Updates, etc)

Being able to react to events opens up a world of possibilities including real time dashboards, the ability to build custom rules, etc.

When done properly, it could even reduce the load on the LIFX cloud. Today, integrations that rely on having an up-to-date state must poll the Cloud API for status. If a service could subscribe to a specific attribute of a device, only the actual events would need to be pushed through.

To be fair, I understand that this isn’t necessarily an ‘easy’ problem to solve when you already have a certain design/infrastructure in place. That being said, there are plenty of products out there that provide real time updates in this age of modern consumer home automation devices to use as a reference!