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Expose colour temperature to HomeKit


Hey team,

When looking at a LIFX Mini Colour bulb via Home by Matthias Hochgatterer, it seems that the only settings provided to HomeKit are Brightness/Hue/Saturation. When I emailed Matthias to ask, he told me to ask the LIFX development or support team to add a colour temperature characteristic for HomeKit.

So, could you please do that? :slight_smile: Or is there another way to set temperature?,


Edited to specific about the bulb in question, i.e. a LIFX Mini Colour.

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Since that post, I’ve received my LIFX GU10 bulbs and they also don’t have a colour temperature characteristic within HomeKit.

So, I’m assuming this is perhaps something that the colour bulbs don’t expose? If so, is it possible to reproduce white+temperature using Brightness/Hue/Saturation?


G’day Avi,

A few months ago, I implemented Color Temperature in my homebridge plugin for LIFX.

HomeKit’s Color Temperature setting is measured in mireds, but there is a way to convert between mired and kelvin.

Matthias should be able to reverse engineer something from my changes or implement something himself (it pretty straight-forward), hopefully LIFX can do the same for official support.




Thanks David.

According to Matthias, he needs LIFX to expose a colour temperature characteristic so that he can manipulate it via HomeKit. I’m assuming his app just shows controls for whatever characteristics are reported by the target device.

To be honest, I’ve been trying to avoid using Homebridge, because I didn’t want to maintain another always-on service.

I’ll wait to see what the lifx team have to say before I try anything else.


I’m wondering if this is actually the official enhancement request mechanism, or should I have opened a support ticket with LIFX?

As an aside, I’ve been running @devbobo’s homebridge-lifx-lan plugin for a while now and it’s awesome. My original Kickstarter bulbs are also HomeKit enabled now. :wink:


Poking this thread because I’m not sure exactly how to submit an official feature request. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the First Annual Bumping of My Thread Ceremony. :smiley:


Ping @delfick: Is this something that LIFX is going to implement?

If this is not on your TODO list, I’ll have to remove all my LIFX bulbs from HomeKit and present them via Homebridge instead, because I really need to be able to set temperature exactly on my colour bulbs.


I’m on holiday at the moment, @egosapien might have a better idea :slight_smile:

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