Exposing an API endpoint that enables/disables Day to Dusk?

I’m not entirely if this is the right place for feature requests, but it would be downright super peachy keen if there were an HTTP API endpoint that would enabled or disable the currently configured Day to Dusk configuration on the provided selector.

This would allow those of us with automation systems to trigger Day to Dusk to enable and disable itself programmatically based on more complex rules than “day of the week” which is pretty much all the app really should need to support anyway.

It would also allow us to tie into events like the lights being turned on and off so that we can disable Day to Dusk when the light is both manually or automatically powered off.

Do you mean for shift work or similar?

wave from a fellow Pratchett fan

Sure. Basically for anyone who doesn’t have a regular Monday to Friday/9-5 arrangement.