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Extremely Frustrated with Lifx Lights (Asus RT-5300)


Can we get a resolution for fixing these lights with the Asus RT-AC5300? My lights keep dropping off and it’s been getting worse every day. At this point I’m ready to throw in the towel. I’ve tried all the suggestions for trying to get your lights to work with the Asus router and nothing is working. The only firmware that I can work with that is semi usable is back from 8/9/2016 (, and the only way to get the lights to work is to create manual DHCP reservations. There have been 2 firmware releases since then and they are unusable. It seems your lights get worse connectivity with each firmware release. I didn’t spend $400 on a router and over a thousand dollars on lights on to have them not work correctly. I’ve tried all kinds of different settings including turning off Smart Connect and segregating the 2.4 and 5G networks to no avail.

Very Frustrated…


It’s their app that needs a major fix unfortunately.


I too have had to create manual DHCP reservations. Basically the bulbs reconnect to wifi so often that without manual DHCP reservations they will get a new IP address and cause my automation gear to not respond correctly.

Are you controlling the bulbs just with the app, or are you using other means?


same problem, same router, three color 1000’s that wont onboard


Same problem but with router Asus RT-AC3100. I can see the bulbs on the network but stops when the credentials are transferred.


if you don’t mind my asking: are y’all seeing each of the lights show up as an individual device with its own MAC address that you can add to an ACL?

I’ve had as many as 12 warm white lights connected at once (back when they all worked SEVERAL firmware updates so) but the lights showed up in groups such that only 2 or 3 groups showed up as if 1 light was a master in the group and a few others were slaves so that the master light acted as its own virtual private network and controlled the slaves on its own in each group.

i noticed this when i was trying to lock down my router to only accept mac addresses for items I’ve added to my ACL - bunch of theiving teenagers in the neighborhood are trying to break into my router and we’re pegging it.

anyways, i traced the Mac addresses showing up as connected items on my router when it was only protected by password and even with 12 lights controllable via the droid app, only 3 unnamed devices showed up on the network - and their MACs matched the type/model of bulbs used. 8 are standard warm whites, 4 are warm can/recessed lights, and my only working ones are 1.5 year old color lights (one standard and one can/recessed) beyond the 12 mentioned above.



Just wanted to comment that the issue is not always a problem with the app. For me my single light will not stay connected to either of my routers, for more than maybe 3/4 hours. When the app can’t connect, if I connect to my router, I can see that the light isn’t listed on the connected devices any more.

Its a real deal breaker to me that you either need a special router or special router settings to keep them connected when literally EVERY other wifi device has no problem staying connected.

If this can’t be fixed very soon, my plans to buy 50+ of these for my new house build is definitely not going to happen.


running firmware & disabling “airtime fairness” for the 2.4g band only in the wireless-professional tab fixed the onboarding discovery issue i’ve had for the last two years for the ac5300 router. it also fixed my printer not discovering in windows with the ac5300. please report this issue via the router feedback option.