Fade over time schedule interrupted mid cycle when power state is changed

That is correct. Performing an action on a device with the HTTP API will stop any running effects or waveforms on that device.

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So is there a way I can keep the effect running even if there’s an interaction with the bulb?

Not with the HTTP API sorry. And even then adding that kind of toggle would require changing integrations for most users to get that, which would involve those integrations offering somehow for a user to choose that. As a product we had to decide if we stop all effects always or only sometimes (our protocol makes it unavoidable in certain situations) and so we made it always.

That sucks. But it’s probably better for most people if an effect is stopped once there’s an interaction.

Thanks anyways.

yeah, there’s unfortunately no one solution here. Sorry it doesn’t match this particular use case.

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This works with the LAN protocol, though. My docker-lifx-daydusk runs many hour-long transitions that are not stopped when HomeKit turns bulbs on/off based on motion sensor activity.

That’s more homekit not stopping the transition. Setting just power in the protocol doesn’t stop waveforms.

Right. What I meant is that it’s possible to send a local power on/off packet using the LAN protocol that doesn’t interrupt any in-flight waveforms.

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There are several creative ways for users to do this if they know some coding.

With that said, is Lifx going to build more functionality in the LAN protocol and HTTP API? I have not seen any additions in like forever.

Also, what is going on with the firmware update? It was supposed to be released before Christmas and we are in February already.

it was more we were hopeful for a Christmas release. However, the beta process did its job and we found some things we wanted to fix first before general release. Then the holiday period happened. It is currently still being worked on.

For the LAN protocol. we should have some stuff we can make public, but I’m not aware at this present time what we’ll add or when that’ll happen.

With the HTTP API, we recently added Clean · LIFX HTTP Remote Control API but we just didn’t really announce it.

I dislike this change a lot, too. I know several of my friends using LIFX who were also really mad about this change. Our long transitions during sunrise/sunset worked flawlessly for a long time but after LIFX changed this behaviour our smart home lightning was completely broken and we have to manually adjust the brightness and color temperature every day now. Really a shame that LIFX removes features from many of its loyal customers :frowning_face:

I started a topic about the same issue back in '19. This change happened somewhere in the summer '19.

Interesting. I was under the impression that transitions always stopped when you interact with the lights. I didn’t know it was somewhat recent change.

However, I didn’t own a large number of LIFX bulbs until after June '19.

Maybe they can add a preference toggle so that user’s can choose whether or not transitions are cancelled by an interaction. I would imagine that since most people use schedules for color transitions, they would want the effect to continue through.

I had a look at the code, we did indeed introduce that change in June 2019.

I can see that as being a good change. But it would be nice to have the option to turn it off. What I am thinking is “why do my lights keep fading to a different colour” with them not realising they have a schedule set. I am personally quite ok with it interrupting the schedule fades, but that’s just me.

I’ll pass on your feedback.

As for a record of what the cloud has done to your lights, we do want to explore making this information available to users, however that work is not currently on the roadmap.

I completely understand that my (and my friends’) needs might not be the needs of all customers (not even the majority). The problem is that if users have invested even hundreds of hours to build sophisticated automations for their smart homes you should be really careful when introducing this kind of changes which can significantly complicate things for users. At least, preserve the old behaviour as legacy for the existing users.

I’m sorry if my language was a bit rude but I’m still truly frustrated by this change.

that’s ok, I understand your frustration. I’ve relayed your feedback to the product team and we’ll review

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Thank you! I would really appreciate if the user could choose if they want to cancel the transition when power state changes.

Has this happened again to anyone else recently? My lights used to work flawlessly and would transition in and out of temperature and brightness states during schedules or slow scenes despite turning the power state on/off without any issues.

I routinely used Google home routines to turn the power state to on or off, and would rely on the device itself to modulate the brightness or temperature based on a set of preset schedules. However, I have just figured out that the transition is interrupted whenever the power is turned off or on, which is extremely frustrating, as has been outlined above.

I am truly disappointed about this change; it has significantly impacted how I interact with this product. I would appreciate a reversal of this change or, at the very least, the option to disable it, given that I could previously perform this action without any issues whatsoever.

When did you first notice the change? This is an intended action to allow you to “override” a schedule when another command is used. I’ve noticed this happen with my Alexa routine and even in LIFX’s own app however, this is not something new.

If you can provide more details about your setup, I might be able to help you find a workaround